The public consultation process

About the public consultation process

The public consultation process is in the final stage of the review.

The purpose of the public consultation is to:

  • inform stakeholders of the key findings and recommendations from the review to date
  • gather the views of stakeholders to inform the reviews’ recommendations and implementation process.

Comments from the public consultation will be used to further refine the findings and recommendations of the review. The consolidated comments will be presented in a Public Consultation Summary Report. This document will outline the final recommendations of the review. The Summary Report will be made publically available.

How to provide input to the review

The public consultation is open for a four week period from Monday 23 January 2017 – Friday 17 February 2017. Input to the review is being collected through this website.

To provide input, go to the ‘Have your say’ links in the Preliminary Recommendations page of this website. It contains a description of the findings and recommendations for each section of the review, followed by questions and open text boxes for you to provide comments. You are invited to provide comments on all three sections, or only those that are of interest to you. After you have provided comments, press the ‘submit’ button. Please note that no comments will be attributed to individuals or organisations in the review.

For further information on terms and acronyms that are relevant to this review, please see the following pages of the AIHW website: